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At their school in Florida where every class has a theme, their class is known as Mrs. Agee's THE WOODS.

Given that name, I figured it was the perfect place to begin to explore this year's Earth Day celebration. As part of my 2023 Earth Day celebration, I  worked on updating my site by adding information related to climate change and our planet beyond just the importance of trees.

All 23 students and their teacher, Stacy Agee, embarked on a new learning adventure with their celebration of Earth Day 2023 and I am excited to share what they did.

While these students were inspired by my website and what kids can do to help our planet, their activities have inspired me to increase my efforts to reach more students using this site.

Click on the image to the left and a specific topic to learn what they did and how they did it including planning and conducting a fundraiser that raised enough money to pay for 319  trees to be planted in their home state of Florida. To put that another way:

         A managed forest in North America will have between 40 and 60 trees per acre. Assuming that the average

         forest worldwide contains around 50 trees per acre, that means that The Woods class fundraiser will be

         planting 6.38 acres of forest land. That's a big deal!

I added each of their names to the Honors Forest and sent each student two personalized certificates (one for Earth Day and one for Climate Change) in recognition of all they learned; what action they're taking; and their hugely successful tree fundraiser.

EARTH DAY COVER PAGE blank redone for website 300 dpi.jpg

I also want to give a 'shout-out' to the students in 'The Woods classroom ' and their teacher with this video. Click on the music to hear the sound. 

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