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I’m a 14-year-old homeschooler now in my Freshman year of high school. During an online class on persuasive writing almost 4 years ago, I chose the only topic that wasn’t boring - climate change and deforestation. I thoroughly researched and wrote an essay and submitted it to the teacher.

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A few days later during homeschool, I watched some NAT GEO videos on climate change. Then, I listened to Greta Thunberg‘s speech at the United Nations. I knew she was in high school at the time and that she had done a lot to raise awareness about the climate change issue. But I still wondered how I could do anything. 

And then I realized I could do so much more than just share the essay I'd written: I could work to help raise awareness with other students of all ages about the critical issue of climate change.

I took it upon myself to share the information I had learned with people my age. After all, had it not been for one random essay, I probably would've never really learned about Climate Change.


So, I started my website around that goal. I have been expanding it ever since with 

  • reviews of interesting websites and innovative projects all related to fighting climate change;

  • lots of Earth Day information and activities I've developed (with some help from my behind-the-scenes staff!);

  • FREE Earth Day and Climate Change personalized certificates and Earth Day Pledges to download and print when you share what action you took;

  • Kid Power ideas to get you started learning about the challenges of climate change and how you can make a difference in helping protect our planet regardless of your age; 

  • updated information about renewable energy and recycling;

  • and my BLogs for Humans.

Why does all of this matter to kids?

It is our future and each of us can be a part of the 'ripple effect':  Starting a chain of knowledge that stretches through all of our communities, no matter where we live.

Even a small change is better than none at all.

I hope you'll be a part of that change.

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I’m still sending out my essay, hoping other kids will get involved. I’ve shared my essay with some environmental groups, too. And I created this website to get more kids involved in helping save our planet. It’s our future! This is a call to action: Share your thoughts, comments and ideas on climate change  by sending me an email.  A discussion by students for students on environmental issues critical to our generation can help educate and inform others and, perhaps, inspire them to take action.
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Who's Who Behind the 'Curtain'

  • Founder of, and brain behind, www. - Jackson Selby

  • Director of Social Media, Catering, Scheduling,Transportation and homeschooling parent - Blair Hope

  • Social Media Intern, Public Information Officer, Website Editor and homeschooling grandmother - Remy Agee

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