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When you send an email to with information about what your child did either to participate on Earth Day and/or one of the DIY activities, you will receive a FREE digital copy of a personalized certificate with your child's name and the date/year to download and print. Certificates are a fun keepsake and also are useful for documenting homeschool projects and activities.


Please include your child's first name, last initial and age. Your child's name will be added to the Honors Forest either as an Earth Day Hero or a Climate Change Superhero. You are welcome to send a photo of your child's project or a brief description to be added to the page with samples of children's projects.

By sharing your child's activity, you can help inspire other students to take action regarding climate change.

Sample certificate for participation

In the email we send, you will be able to choose which style you prefer to download and print or you can choose both versions.
climate change superhero 2023 FINAL.jpg

Sample certificate for EARTH DAY PARTICIPATION

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