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During their study of various issues related to Earth Day 2023, the students enjoyed these activities for which they each received two personalized certificates (see below) and had their names added to the Honors Forest. They celebrated the end of their Earth Day classroom study by signing individual Pledges (sample below), receiving their certificates and snacking on donuts!

  • completed the website scavenger hunt

  • created individual word searches focused on trees, Earth Day, climate change, renewable energy and more

  • conducted their first Trees Planting Fundraiser

  • calculated their carbon footprint

  • learned what kids can do to help protect our planet

  • studied why trees are important, what renewable energy is and the three R's: reduce, reuse and recycle

  • co-hosted an all-school assembly about Earth Day 

  • made individual pledges to continue helping to protect our planet

  • enjoyed celebrating the end of their Earth Day study with a fun food activity

  • joined the Honors Forest (visit here)

2023 EARTH DAY PLEDGES simple updated fixed.jpg
2023 EARTH DAY PLEDGES complete updated and fixed.jpg
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