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Is it new science? Or is it magic?

Find out what scientists around the world are doing to help 'cool our planet' and fight climate change by working to reach Net CO2 Zero with these innovative techniques:

  • ​Direct Air Capture of CO2

  • Injecting C02 from our air into rock to store it in the ground

  • Recycling our CO2 emissions to create synthetic fuels

  • Making everyday items out of  recycled CO2  emissions like clothes, car parts and even toothpaste!

  • 'Cloud Brightening' using salt water sprayed into marine clouds to help reduce amount of CO2 in our atmosphere

  • Solar geo engineering that includes reflecting sunlight back into space.

AND new ways to use one of nature's oldest inventions that have been around for centuries. Can you guess what I'm talking about? 

TREES! Yep, trees. Trees absorb CO2 from our air and store it, releasing oxygen in return. 


Now, scientists have developed new AI to identify the location of the best ecosystems around the world that can support planting of more more trees. 

As one scientist on the video states, "The potential for new forests is vast!"

This video is for middle and high school students, I think. And it's available for free on PBS, when an adult has an account or creates a new FREE account on PBS. The video is about 54 minutes long and all of us kids need to watch it! Here's the link to the site. Remember, an adult needs to have a FREE PBS account and the video is available until October 2024. (This may take a bit longer to load on a mobile device.)

Can We Cool The Planet? video

Jackson's Update:
New Science, New Ideas

Hey, it's me, Jackson. It's our future. We need to know what's going on in the fight against climate change, right?

watch this amazing nova video

Click on the COOL image to read

about great websites for kids.

Fascinating Competition announced in 2021 by XPRIZE

A brand new competition by XPRIZE was announced on Earth Day 2021. It's a $100m prize purse to help address climate change through CO2 removal.

Learn more about the XPRIZE Foundation and their new 2022 competitions on my COOL Websites for Our HOT Planet Page which has reviews of several interesting websites related to climate change.

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