Squirrelcover(EDITED) final with lt tan
"Very funny. The cats were probably shocked, because
they went to so much
"I love the humor in the story. I love the piano scene. I like the Schmerlock Gnomes joke." - ...Ingrid
"I really enjoyed the story
and the details were awesome. Wondering if there will be
more pictures."

"I really liked your story. It was very funny. My favorite character is Angel. My favorite part was when Angel flew into the laundry basket. I'm pretty sure you will be a famous author."

Meet our Team

We are so excited to introduce members of our

ADVANCE TEAM. The Team gets copies in advance of publication of our Prequel, books, games and puzzles.  

Their first 'assignment' was to read our Prequel to the Suitcase.The.Cat. series "The Saga of Mr. Squirrel" and then play the word games, solve the puzzles and color in the mandalas that we've developed for the Prequel.

All our TEAM members are kids who give us their honest feedback and comments. And here they are in alphabetical order with their ages when they read the SAGA story in Spring and Summer of 2021:

Anna, 9

Annie, 8

Ingrid, 10

Layla, 9