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We've developed 18 activities and projects (STEAM and critical thinking skills) for varying ages and levels - all related to climate change and information contained on Jackson's trees4humans website. We hope both children and adults have fun learning-by-doing more about trees and climate change through these hands-on learning experiences. Read more about experiential learning in the blue box..

Two important notes:

1. Help spread the need for fighitng climate change by taking photos of the child's completed activity or project or video tape him/her describing the activity or project. Then share the photos/videos with family and friends.

2. Be sure to email us ( with photos or a few sentences about your child's activity or project and include his/her first name and last name initial or first and last name, so that we can email you a personalized certificate to acknowledge your child's role in the fight against climate change. (As homeschoolers, we know that a certificate can be used as documentation for homeschooling records.)

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