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"For as long as humans have existed, the earth has protected us. Now, it's time to return the favor. And what better day to start than Earth Day 2023?"  
                          -Jackson, Founder of www,


I want to invite other kids ages kindergarten through high school to join the annual celebration on April 22nd. It's been the same date every year since it began over 50 years ago
If you can't celebrate on April 22nd, then pick another day and celebrate in your own way. It's what you do that maters...not whether it's on the actual Earth Day.

Check out all the Earth Day pages by clicking below. There are Earth Day images to download; lots of special activities; choice of two pledges to download and print;; personalized certificates for participating on Earth Day (or another date that works better for you); and an opportunity to inspire others to take action by sharing what you did.

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