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So, what does it mean to live green or greener? We depend on the environment of this planet for almost everything we need to survive: From the air we breathe, the food we eat and water we drink to the land where we live.

green means taking actions to protect the environment on our planet. These can be big and small things we can do every single day. Why green? Green has become a symbol of the natural environment and what we need to do to preserve and protect the resources of our planet: air, water, soil, minerals, animals, plants and trees.

What I'm already doing

Recycling junk mail to 

reduce waste.

Using refillable travel water

bottles to avoid plastic ones.

Reduce wasted power by

turning off lights not in use.

Walk or bike to reduce

greenhouse gases emitted

by driving cars. 

Using a recycling container

in our home.

Things I can do to try to live GREENER.

1.Take better care of appliances, so they last longer.

2. Plan meals ahead of time to avoid spending more money and then waste less food.

3. Put a recycling bin in the bathroom to avoid wasting recyclable materials being            thrown away.

4. Stopping to think about what can be recycled before just tossing things in the trash.

5. Using LED lights in the house to consume less power and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

6. Unplug mobile chargers, when mobile devides are no onger being charged saves energy.
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