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Blogs for Humans is written to help more students learn about, and discuss, important environmental issues and topics. By sharing my research and my thoughts, I hope to foster an environment of learning. 

I invite your comments, thoughts, and feedback which I hope will encourage more middle school and high school students to become actively involved in this important issue impacting our future. 

  • Jackson Selby

Keeping Our Cool: A Balanced View On Climate Change

Climate change.

It’s a pretty big deal, one that shouldn’t be understated. But it shouldn’t be overstated, either.


Now, Climate change is important. It is something that can, given enough time, affect Earth’s future. Yet it won’t be as radical as some people say it is. The world won’t meet a destructive end in 12 years. We won’t be living on Mars by 2050. And while we can all get lost in the fear and panic that some websites and sources can cause, we have to take a step back. When we lose ourselves to fear, then nothing changes.


I founded my website so that I could promote awareness with young people like myself to show what kids can do for our future. But our future won’t be one of endless wastelands. Yes, the earth will, given enough time, change. It has in the past. It will in the future. Climate change will indeed affect that to a degree and we need to do something to counteract climate change. It is important. Yet it isn’t the end of life as we know it.

For their own reasons, different sources - be they political or scientific - can tend to do something which I will refer to as ‘Fearmongering’. That is defined as ‘the action of

deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue'.  These fearmongering sources tend to promote in the lesser cases dire outcomes for our future within a smaller timeframe and in bigger cases utter hopelessness and fear for a nigh apocalypse.

Awareness is very important. It sheds light on our issues, yes. But sometimes awareness can go too far making you wonder if you can do anything to stop this dire outcome.


So next time, whenever you stumble across a site or a source that uses fearmongering as a way of raising awareness and urgency, take a step back. Find different sources to compare it with.

And always remember: Nothing is ever hopeless, unless we make it so.

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