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"But that is exactly why days like Earth Day are so important. They shine light on the problems undermining our planet, so that we can address those issues before they get worse. They encourage us to act. They encourage us to make a change."         
                                                                                            ...Jackson, Founder,


Join the Celebration with lots of activities throughout the trees4humans website. But this isn't just for April 2024, because Earth Day can be any day you do choose to do something that helps protect our planet - from picking up litter, to participating in local fundraisers, to learning more about our environment! To help you with celebrating Earth Day, we've designed several activities for kids aged Pre-K through high school.


 Eco-friendly learning for kids preschool through high school.


Check out what we have...and the best part? It's all FREE:


       We've developed 18 activities and projects (STEAM and critical thinking skills) for varying ages and levels - all

       related to climate change and information contained on Jackson's trees4humans website. We hope both children

       and adults have fun learning-by-doing more about trees and climate change through these hands-on learning


Discover how a 4th grade teacher used Jackson's website for her students'

week-long Earth Day Celebration in 2023: creating individual wordsearches;

               a website scavenger hunt; a tree planting fundraiser; an all-school assembly

           freeze dance; a dirt parfait and individually-signed Earth Hero pledges.

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