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The Earth Day Theme for 2023:

According to, "Acting as a continuation of last year’s well-received campaign, the 2023 theme - Invest in Our Planet - is focused on engaging governments, institutions and businesses with individuals, communities and conservation organizations to be accountable for taking            cutting-edge approaches in order to make the progress necessary to tackle the climate crisis."

By all accounts, this is a critical theme for the world as a whole. But what exactly does this mean to us as students?

Investing doesn't just mean spending money! It can also be investing in time by learning about the impact of climate change and what reduce, reuse and recyle mean. 

Investment can also be taking action to make changes in your daily life; plant trees; not waste water; reduce your carbon footprint; pick up litter/trash in a park;  and volunteer with a nonprofit organization, etc. Each of these seemingly small actions can help make our planet healthier.

Sharing what you've learned with other students and adults also is investing in our planet. Having conversations about climate challenges helps encourage others to consider what they can do.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our planet today. The only way to make a real difference is by bringing people together, regardless of age, to discuss how we can make a positive impact on our environment. That’s how KID POWER can raise awareness of the need to work together, building a better future for ourselves and generations to come. We can do this!

Call to Action for students of all ages:

Be accountable for helping to address the challenges of climate change to our planet and our generation. 

Not sure what you can do?


Check out the activities below to get lots of ideas - regardless of your age - that you can do!

Again this year, we've done the hard work for you with our 'Down-to-Earth' Earth Day Activities 2023 .  Jackson hopes this makes it easier for you and your child(ren) to plan and celebrate Earth Day 2023 with three new projects/activities. NOTE: Both the 2023 and 2022 Earth Day activities packets include resources on related topics.

Click on the image

to download PDF of all new activities for Earth Day 2023. 

Click on this image ONLY to download PDF Sample Town Maps for that project in  Earth Day 2023 activities.

Click on the image

to download PDF of 2022 Earth Day activities which you can also use for 2023.  

 Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers

How to TalkTo Your Kids about Climate Change
Wondering how to explain to your children what climate change is and why it's so important? We discovered two websites that give tips on how to speak to your children based on their ages and comprehension; help them grasp what's happening and what we all can do; and so without the dire predictions that can cause them to worry.

Resources to Plan Earth Day 2022 for Homeschooled Students and Families with Kids of All Ages

We've discovered lots of wonderful websites filled with kid-friendly information related to climate change.

Several different pages have links to international, national and local organizations. Just click on the links below to find what you want and need to make this easy on you and a fun learning experience for the children in your life.

Inspire Others

Share Your Earth Day 2023 activities right here on Jackson's website!
Jackson started his website to help raise awareness about climate change with other students. Send an email with a description of what you did (or a photo) with the first names and ages of the kids who participated. We are setting up a special page for Earth Day 2023 activities to encourage even more kids and adults to learn about climate change and what they can do to help fight the problems it poses.

Share what your children/family did on Earth Day 2023 by sending first names and ages with one or two sentences about your activity to and we'll add them to our website AND send by email a FREE Earth Day Hero Certificate to download and print for each participant. (NOTE: Send either the child's first name with the initial of the last name or first and last name for us to prepare a personalized certificate for you to download and print. The certificate will be a fun reminder of what children have done for Earth Day 2023 and also is useful for homeschool documentation purposes.

Go here to learn about the HONORS FOREST FREE CLIMATE CHANGE SUPERHERO CERTIFICATEand how your child can get his/her own personalized certificate. (See the sample image below.)
Go here to learn about the EARTH DAY 2023 FREE CERTIFICATES for participating in Earth Day 2023 (which can be any day in 2023) and how your child can get his/her own personalized certificate. (See the sample image below.)
Click on the the Pledge images to download your child's FREE Day 2023 Pledges. This year, Jackson created two different pledges.You can download one or both.

climate change superhero 2023 FINAL.jpg
Click on either or both images to download and print the 2023 Earth Day Pledge for your child(ren) to read and sign.
EARTH DAY PLEDGE 2023 redone final ok small website image.jpg

LOTS OF FREE Kids Activities For Ages Kindergarten - High School

Double the fun and hands-on learning: Download last year's big booklet of Earth Day 2022 activities plus the new ideas for Earth Day 2023 we just developed!

Start with our detailed DFY 'DOWN-TO-EARTH' EARTH DAY 2022 ACTIVITIES in our EARTH DAY GUIDEBOOK 2022 here
Developed by Jackson (with some editorial input from Remy and help from our in-house experts) specifically for last year's Eart
h Day 2022 celebration. Build on all of those great activities from last year with our all-new and still FREE 2023 Earth Day activities packet by clicking here for your FREE DOWNLOAD to help plan your family's Earth Day 2023. Download the sample town maps to help with that project in the packet by clicking here.

Be sure to download both of the 
 FREE EARTH DAY 2023 PLEDGES (above) that Jackson created and wants to share with kids of all ages.  The Pledges give each child choices as to what he/she wants to do to help protect our planet. Get your child's FREE EARTH DAY PLEDGE 2023 here.

Focus on your children and climate change
Start with 
the fun and helpful information in KID POWER on this website. Lots of ideas are provided to help children see different things they can do to help them invest in our planet. Kids can take action to help make a difference!

Next, go to GOOD STUFF for free downloads including Jackson's essay on why trees are important plus word searches and crossword puzzles he developed.

Check out our other DIY activities for children ages kindergarten through high school on this website here.
Our activities were developed by Jackson and Remy in collaboration with our in-house experts: Jackson's mom, Blair (a former Preschool Director and Teacher) and Stacy (family member and elementary school teacher).

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