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Our Earth Day 2021 Challenge

I'm making our challenge a three-part activity:

1. I have a 3-member team focusing on a local environmental cleanup, because even one person can make a big difference. Every piece of litter removed from the environment counts.

2. i will educate our team about regenerative agriculture and how it can reduce the environmental footprint.

3. Our team will support local and international efforts to reach NET Zero CO2 using innovative technology (e.g., Climeworks, one of the companies featured in the PBS video) and helping plant more trees with local groups (Annapolis Green and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay) and international groups like Team Trees and The Canopy Project of EARTHDAY.ORG.

Biking to our Clean up at Bellevue Park and Beach

Our Team donated to #teamtrees in my name

OurTeam included Jackson, Remy and Bob. We made donations to two different environmental/climate change organizations as part of our Earthy Day 2022 challenge. Because our donations for Earth Day 2022, we were able to plant 100 trees through the and help continue their work to create healthy and resilient forests in the face of overwhelming forest stresses. Our team also pledged to do a trash clean-up again at these same locations throughout the year.


  • EARTHDAY.ORG  recognizes that planting billions of trees across the world is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis. Not only do forests act as carbon sinks, but they also provide vital habitat for animals and ecological services for humans, such as purifying the air we breathe and regulating local temperatures. 

  • The Canopy Project  improves our shared environment by planting trees across the globe. Reforestation is one of the most important and accessible ways that people can contribute to solving the challenges of climate change.

  • Annapolis Green  Annapolis Green brings together environmental movers and shakers, individuals and families, local businesses, government agencies and nonprofits to create a healthy, thriving community and planet.

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