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First, check out Jackson's two Word Scrambles and one Word Search that he created by going to this page on this website. There are two crossword puzzles on that page, too.

Mrs. Agee's 4th graders received an assignment that was sent digitally and completed online to reduce the use of paper. Here's what she sent her students:


Text For Word Search Assignment


You will visit a wordsearch making website.  The website will allow you to type in words to make a word search.  Unlike most online word search makers, your word search can be completed online!  As part of our commitment to making the world better and reducing our carbon footprint you will spread awareness about Earth Day by sharing your word search digitally!  This will REDUCE our need for paper.  I am reducing the need for paper by giving the assignment through Google Classroom!  Yay for us! Go Earthlings!  *Remember to use words on the topic of the environment, earth day, climate change, and saving our planet!

Her students enjoyed the activity and one student even shared it with Jackson who then completed the student's Wordsearch.

Click here to go to the website she had her students use. 


There are other Wordsearch resources online, e.g.

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