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Earth Day: Helps raise awareness,
yet climate change doesn't just
happen once a year.
Send me a photo of what you're
doing or tell me what you're doing 
and I'll post it with your first
name and age to help inspire other
kids to take action.
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This year, my celebration of Earth Day was a bit different.

I did pick up trash along a local road. And I did donate to a tree planting fundraiser. But that's not all! 

I've been working to reorganize and update my website to make it more 'user friendly'. I've added lots of information related to climate change issues beyond the critical role that trees have in helping to offset the negative impact of climate change on Earth. New pages include

  • three under the menu heading 'Hot News' (various types of renewable energy; global programs and actions making a positive impact on our planet now for our future; and reimagining recycling); and

  • multiple pages under the 'Earth Day' heading about what the 4th grade students in Florida did to celebrate their very first Earth Day.


As for my donation to tree planting efforts, I again contributed my own money but this time to those 4th graders at a school in Florida. They raised enough money (including some of their own) to plant 319 trees in their home state!

And, finally, their enthusiasm and activities have inspired me to increase my efforts to raise awareness about climate change issues with other students. 

Picking up trash along a local
the road near where I live.
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