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The 4th grade students decided to raise money to plant trees in the state of Florida, where they live. This was their first Earth Day fundraiser!


Their teacher sent a note home to parents about the fundraiser with parents and students making donations. The students' teachers from the previous year were also contacted about participating in the fundraiser. And some of those adults and other students made donations.

The final count for their first Earth Day Fundraiser: $319 which means they were able to have 319 trees planted!

Here's the note that Mrs. Agee sent home:

It's hard to visualize how many trees their fundraiser planted. I think this information will help show just what their Earth Day 2023 fundraiser was able to do:

A managed forest in North America will have between 40 and 60 trees per acre. Assuming that the average forest worldwide contains around 50 trees per acre, that means The Woods class fundraiser will be planting the equivalent of 6.38 acres of forest land. And that's a big deal!

When the 4th graders viewed this visualization of the number of trees their fundraiser would plant, they asked:

"So how big is an acre?"

Mrs. Agee led the class helping them to understand more clearly how much space their planted trees would cover. And that turned into a math lesson which was fun!

  1. We started by converting the size of an acre to feeet. I drew a rectangle on the board to show them how many feet long and wide it might be.

  2. Basically, we worked with factors and finding the area of the 'rectangle'/

  3. We then compared the 'rectangle to our classroom size which is 40 feet long.

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